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      More... Your Procedure    

      Your Procedure

      vip journey

      This is the day you have been waiting for. You will arrive at your premium private hospital and be taken…

      More... Pre-Anaesthetic Screening    

      Pre-Anaesthetic Screening

      vip journey

      This appointment ensures that you are fit and healthy to go ahead with your surgical procedure. Any necessary tests will…

      More... Meet Your Surgeon    

      Meet Your Surgeon

      vip journey

      Unlike many cosmetic surgery companies, we do not employ sales people or nurse advisors, who are generally incentivised to persuade…

      More... Your Aftercare    

      Your Aftercare

      vip journey

      V.I.P Cosmetic Surgery provides a bespoke service. Your surgeon will be there to look after you through every step of…

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      Your V.I.P Journey

      From the moment you make an enquiry with us to your on-going aftercare, you will be treated with respect, patience and dignity. We understand that cosmetic surgery is a big decision and that you must never be made to feel rushed or pressurised. Your accredited VIP surgeon will be there for you every step of the way and you can ask a question or arrange any extra appointments at any time. Unlike some other cosmetic surgery providers, you will always see your VIP surgeon and will never be passed on to another surgeon following your procedure. 


      • Accredited UK Cosmetic Surgeons
      • Best Private Hospitals With State-Of-The-Art Technology
      • 0% Finance Available On Request
      • Unrivalled Aftercare