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      Breast Enlargement is the most common procedure we carry out and due to the volume of cases that we perform, we are able to offer significant savings in costs.

      We have teamed up with major private hospitals to offer, one of the best value packages available within the UK

      Your surgery will be performed by fully accredited consultant plastic surgeon (meet the surgeons) in a first class private hospital in the West Midlands.


      The Consultants are full members of BAAPS and BAPRAS and have over 19 years of experience in Plastic Surgery.

      We use would use the implants which have a proven track record and come with a life time warranty for the package and the follow up.

      We don't use sales people or nurse advisors, therefore your consultation will be with the surgeon himself who will show you before and after photographs of his work, show you sample implants, help with the sizing and will answer all your questions

      Please call us on 0800 011 2787 or fill in our?online enquiry form to make an appointment


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